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Ex Stock (CEP) Pre-Assembled Ex e/Ex ia Polyester Enclosures

cep pre-assembled with earth stud 001Features  

  • Available from stock in 5 popular sizes
  • Complete with cable entries, 2.5 mm² terminals, 4 mm² earth terminals, earth continuity plate, M6 earth stud, stopping plugs and certification label.


SIRA 08 ATEX 3213

IECEx SIR 13.0039X

Ex protection type (EN 50019/IEC 60079-7)

Ex II 1 GD
Ex ta IIIC T85°C and T100°C

Ex ia IIC T5 and T6

Ex II 1 2 GD

Ex e IIC T5 and T6
Ex tb IIIC T85°C and T100°C

Ingress protection levels

IP66 and 67 (EN 60529/IEC 60529)

Ambient temperature

-55ºC to +65°C with appropriate gasket

Product Code Height Width Depth
CEP 807555PA 80mm 75mm 55mm
CEP 121290PA 122mm 120mm 90mm
CEP 161690PA 160mm 160mm 90mm
CEP 261690PA 260mm 160mm 90mm
CEP252512PA 250mm 250mm 120mm
Technical data (Extract) (For detailed information please click here)

Protection class

IP 66 and 67 (EN 60529/IEC 60529)


see data sheet


Polyester – anti-static


see data sheet


see data sheet



IECEx SIR 13.0039X

IECEx e Datasheet – RS

ATEX e Datasheet tables RS

ATEX ia Datasheet tables RS

ATEX u Datasheet tables RS

ATEX ia Datasheet tables CT

ATEX e Datasheet tables CT

IECEx ia Datasheet – CT

IECEx e Datasheet – CT

Declaration of Conformity

Customer requirements – Pre-assembled Boxes

Operating Instructions – Populated enclosure