Custom Made Enclosures

CE-TEK are equipped to manufacture enclosures in mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, plastic and various other materials in special sizes ranging from 80x80x30mm up to 30000x10000x10000mm, and in GRP 100x100x50mm up to 10000x5000x5000mm. Ingress protection classes from IP20 to IP68 are available. Typical applications include: telecommunication repeater stations, large digital displays, wind farms and renewable energy sites, military applications, food/beverage manufacturing and processing, RF and EMC applications, defibrillator enclosures, etc.

Optional extras include: viewing windows, doors, shelving, internal compartments, OEM labelling, RFI shielding for EMC compliance, heaters, fans, thermostats, floor stands and plinths, lifting eyes and many more.

For high volume situations, CE-TEK can manufacture special sizes and colours in plastic materials using our ‘Buildabox’ range (see separate web page), which are fabricated from flat sheets – avoiding the use of expensive tooling associated with moulded enclosures.


Custom TV Enclosures