CEA Fire-rated Junction Boxes


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CEA Fire-rated Aluminium Enclosures


Fully tested to IEC60331-2: 2009 at 250ºC for 2 hours.

Fire rated enclosures are available as: CEX (heavy duty) stainless steel, ACEX stainless steel, CEP Polyester and CEA aluminium.

ATEX Ex e certification is also for CEX, ACEX, CEA and CEP enclosures as an option.

Ingress protection levels

IP66 and 67 (EN 60529/IEC 60529)

Ambient temperature

-55ºC to +65°C with appropriate gasket


CEA aluminium enclosures have been designed to meet the highest standards of protection even when they are used in extremely unfavourable conditions.

CE-TEK’s CEA enclosures have been successfully tested to all the latest fire standards for use in buildings and infrastructure projects.

When using fire rated cables on a project, the correct specification of junction boxes can often get overlooked. When fire strikes, it is not selective in the location junction boxes and to maintain system integrity it is imperative that junction boxes are specified to the same rating as the cable being used.

The consequences of not selecting the correct type of enclosure can be huge, both financially and in terms of installation slippages. An example of this is where architects had specified fire-rated enclosures for a luxury hotel group, but electrical contractors had installed less expensive industrial enclosures that were not fire-rated, which had to be replaced throughout the hotel.

CE-TEK manufacture four series of fire rated junction boxes (CEX, ACEX, CEP and CEA), which are tested for fire to various standards including: BS5839-1: 2013 Sec 26.2e; BS EN 50200: 2006; IEC60331-2: 2009, BS8434-2: 2003 + A2: 2009; IEC331 and BS6387-11: 1994.

Typical applications include road, motorway, rail and underground tunnels, offices, hotels and public buildings, and major infrastructure projects.


Product Code Height Width Depth Max No. of 4mm² terminals Max. No of M20 cable entries
CEA121290FR 122 120 90 7 4
CEA221290FR 220 120 90 19 6
CEA161690FR 160 160 90 11 8
CEP261690FR 260 160 90 23 14
CEA361690FR 360 160 90 35 20
CEA561690FR 560 160 90 59 34
CEA282311FR 280 230 110 26 20
CEA402311FR 400 230 110 38 35
CEA403111FR 400 310 110 40 35
CEA602311FR 600 230 110 66 50

Please add ‘F’ suffix to the product code when ordering with fuse, e.g. CEA121290FRF

Please add ‘FP’ suffix to the product code when ordering with fuse and plug for connecting to a suitable light fitting, e.g. CEA121290FRFP

Technical data (Extract) (For detailed information please click here)

Protection class

IP 66 and 67 (EN 60529/IEC 60529)


see data sheet


Die cast Aluminium, EN 60079-0, RAL 7001 (grey) or unfinished (unpainted)


see data sheet


see data sheet


CEP Fire-rated Data Sheet – Polyester Enclosures

CEA Test report IEC 60331-2

Fire Rated Junction Box Installation Guide CEA281810-LU Datasheet

CEA101080,121290,161690,181810 & 261690-LU Environmental Product Declaration

CE-TEK CEA101080,121280,161690,181810 & 261690-LU Datasheet    


Declaration of Conformity

Customer requirements – Terminal/Junction Boxes

Operating Instructions – Empty enclosure

Operating Instructions – Populated enclosure