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 Euro-Top –EMC/EMV glands


  • Nickel plated brass
  • ISO sizes
  • Also suitable for industrial and underwater applications
  • Protection class: IP68 Underwater tested
  • Temperature rating -40ºC to +100ºC
  • Cable strain relief to EN 50262 fitted as standard.
  • Electro Magnetic Compatibility protection to EMC Directive 2004/108/EC and Vibration tested as standard
  • Gland accessories including, fibre sealing washers and lock nuts.
  • Dimensions: From M12 x 1.5 to M63 x 1.5

Ingress protection levels

IP66 and 68


CE-TEK’s metallic EMC/EMV glands are available in Nickel plated brass. Metallic EMC/EMV Euro-Top non-armoured cable glands range in size from M12 to M63. Temperature range: -40ºC to +100ºC.  According to EC guidelines, EMC is the ‘capability of a device to work satisfactorily in its electromagnetic environment without causing electromagnetic interference which would be unacceptable for other equipment in its vicinity at the same time’. This interference is interpreted as an electromagnetic phenomenon which ‘could affect the function of a component’. Electromagnetic interference can be ‘electromagnetic noise, unwanted emissions or change of the propagation medium’. To remedy electromagnetic interference, sensitive electronics should be installed in metal or metal coated plastic enclosures, which forms a Faraday cage and prevents external interference and also confines any interfering signals to the interior. However, this arrangement does cater for cable connections to the electronics inside the enclosure, where signal and control cables can act as antennae in both directions. The solution is to use well braided cables or with those using metal foil as shielding. Another challenge for electromagnetic shielding is cable entry into the enclosure and this is where Euro-Top EMC/EMV cable glands are needed. Euro-Top EMC/EMV cable glands provide low-impedance within a broad frequency range between shielding the cable and the enclosure when a cable is passed through. Ingress protection is IP68 as standard and the gland design incorporates cable strain relief to EN 50262. Assembly and installation is easily achieved. Euro-Top EMC/EMV cable glands have also been tested for vibration sensitivity and were subjected to 20g vibrations at 25ºC for 30 minutes between two test cycles, the test outcome was very favourable, showing no loss in shielding performance, whereas competitor glands displayed a significant loss of 12 dBΩ in shielding capability.

Electromagnetic shielded Euro-Top (EMC/EMV) glands are available in standard and hygienic versions

Entry thread
Clamping Range
Nut size
  Thread length

61086512 12 x 1.5 3.0 6.5 14 6
61086516 16 x 1.5 3.5 8.0 20 6
61086520 20 x 1.5 4.5 10.0 22 6
61086522 20 x 1.5 7.5 14.0 24 8
61086525 25 x 1.5 13.0 18.0 30 8
61086532 32 x 1.5 18.0 25.0 40 9
61086540 40 x 1.5 22.0 32.0 50 9
61086550 50 x 1.5 30.0 38.0 58 9
61086563 63 x 1.5 34.0 44.0 64/68 14
61086564 63 x 1.5 37.0 53.0 75 10


Technical data (Extract) (For detailed information please click here)

Protection class

IP68, EMC Directive 2004/108/EC and cable strain relief (EN 50262)


see data sheet


Nickel plated brass


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Euro-Top_EMV EMC Cable Glands

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