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Cable Gland Accessories, including enlargers, reducers, sealing washers, O rings, earth tags, stopping plugs, lock nuts…


Features and products

    • Lock nuts are manufactured from polyamide, nickel plated brass or stainless steel.
    • Earth tags are manufactured from brass – ISO (M16 to M100) and NPT (½” to 4”). Also available in stainless steel and aluminium
    • Stainless steel serrated washers (M16 to M100 and NPT½” to 4”)
    • PVC cable shrouds available for all sizes
    • Perbunan (NBR) O rings M12 to M63 and PG7 to PG48 sizes with -30ºC to +100ºC temperature range.
    • Fibre sealing washers M12 to M110 and NPT3/8” to 4” with -190ºC to +400ºC temperature range
    • Polyethene (PE-LD) flat sealing washers M12 to M63 and PG7 to PG48 sizes with     -30ºC to +90ºC temperature range
    • Neoprene flat sealing washers M10 to M63 and NPT¼” to 3½” sizes with -40ºC to +100ºC temperature range.
    • Evoprene (TPE) multiple sealing allows for several cables into a single gland. Suitable for polyamide and nickel plated brass EuroTop cable glands.
    • IP54 Polyethylene cable gland with knock out – the simplest way to input a cable. Can also be used as a blind plug.
    • Sizes from M12 to M63 or PG9 to PG21. Temperature range:  -30ºC to +90ºC


Technical data (Extract) (For detailed information please click here)


Protection class

IP 54, 66 and 68 (EN 60529/IEC 60529)


see data sheet


  • Nickel plated brass or 316L stainless steel for Ex applications
  • Nickel plated brass or Polyamide for industrial applications


see data sheet


Impact resistance – see data sheet


EMV_ISO_PG Cable Gland Accessories Data Sheet 

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