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Pressure Balance Glands – Polyamide and Nickel Plated Brass

balance gland-1Features

  • Polyamide and Nickel plated brass
  • ISO sizes (M12 to M20)
  • Suitable for industrial area applications
  • Protection class: IP66 and IP67
  • Temperature rating -40ºC to +100ºC
  • Gland accessories including, fibre sealing washers and lock nuts.
  • Dimensions: from M12 x 1.5 to M40 x 1.5 and PG 7.

Ingress protection levels

IP66 and 67 (EN 60529/IEC 60529)

Ambient temperature

-40ºC to +100°C


Fluctuations in temperature within an enclosure can lead to condensation. Condensation forms rapidly particularly inside airtight enclosures because humidity cannot escape and this can lead to component damage and in extreme cases short circuits or failure of the unit. It is possible to alleviate this potential problem through the use of pressure balance elements, which are fitted with a special, gas-permeable, hydrophobic film membrane.

CE-TEK’s IP66/IP67 Pressure Balance polyamide and nickel plated brass cable gland offers a combined a pressure balance element and cable gland, which are available in M12, M16 and M20 sizes.

Pressure Balance Glands – Polyamide and Nickel Plated Brass

Article Entry thread
Clamping range
Nut size
RAL7035 RAL9005               ≥           ≤
11087514 13087514 M12 4.0 8.0 19
11087516 13087516 M16 4.0 8.0 19
11087520 13087520 M20 6.0 12.0 24
Nickel plated brass
60087514 M12 4.0 8.0 15/17
60087516 M16 4.0 8.0 17/18
60087520 M20 6.0 12.0 22/22
Technical data (Extract) (For detailed information please click here)

Protection class

IP 66 and 67 (EN 60529/IEC 60529)


see data sheet


Polyamide or Nickel Plated Brass


see data sheet


Impact resistance – see data sheet


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